How to Prevent Window Condensation

How to Prevent Window Condensation

Window condensation can be a nuisance for Washington-area homeowners. Condensation can make it difficult to see outside, and it is also just plain unattractive. You may think that condensation is just something you have to deal with as a homeowner, but there are actually steps you can take to prevent window condensation and keep your home’s windows dry and clear.

What Causes Window Condensation?

Before we go over some ways that you can prevent window condensation, let’s first review its causes. Window condensation occurs due to temperature differences—specifically when the temperature on one side of the windows is drastically different than the temperature on the other side. In the summer, condensation can form on the outside of your windows if the temperature outside is much warmer and more humid than it is on the inside. In the winter, condensation can form on the inside of your windows if the interior temperature is much warmer than it is outside.

Window condensation isn’t actually a problem. In fact, it can be a sign that your windows are creating an airtight seal. However, many homeowners dislike window condensation because it is unattractive. Condensation that forms on the innermost portion of your window panes can easily be wiped away. The real problem occurs when condensation forms in between panes of glass, since it cannot be easily removed.

Preventing Interior Window Condensation

Interior and exterior window condensation each require different solutions, so the course of action you should take depends on the location of your condensation. Here are some measures you can take to prevent interior window condensation:
  • Open your blinds – This will prevent heat from being trapped on your window, reducing the temperature differences that cause condensation to occur.
  • Turn off humidifiers – If you have humidifiers running in your home, turning them off can help to keep condensation from forming.
  • Run exhaust fans – Be sure to run exhaust fans when you have lots of moisture in your home, such as when cooking or showering. You can also crack the window for a few minutes to provide extra ventilation.

Preventing Exterior Window Condensation

Exterior window condensation typically resolves itself when the sun comes out, as the heat causes the condensation to dry up. However, if you would like to take steps to prevent condensation from forming completely, try applying a water repellent to your windows’ exterior.

Preventing Condensation Between Window Panes

Condensation that occurs between window panes can be a sign that the windows’ seals are failing. If this is happening to you, consider having home improvement professionals come out and evaluate the condition of your windows.

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