Since the cost of replacing windows can be high, many homeowners put this improvement off for as long as possible. Some will opt for restoration to extend the lifespan of their old windows. Depending on the type of window frames you have and their condition, it’s possible to get good results with a restoration project.

How to Restore Old Windows

The question isn’t so much whether you can restore old windows as much as it is the amount of effort you want to put into restoring them. The condition of your windows and the time you have available for the project will have a big impact on your results. Here’s a quick look at what’s involved in restoring some common window frame materials.

Restoring Wood Windows

The process of bringing your wood windows back to life involves taking a close look at the wood frames and replacing any damaged or rotted sections. If the frame is still in good condition, then a little pre-treatment may be all that’s needed to restore the wood. Your glass panes will likely be loose and fresh putty might be needed to hold them in place again. From here, you can sand the frames smooth and repaint or stain as preferred.

Restoring Metal Windows

Metal windows tend to be a lot more durable than wood frame windows, so you don’t have to do as much to restore them. You may only need to remove some oxidation from the surface and replace worn-out weatherstripping and seals.

You can remove most oxidation with a mixture of water and detergent using a washcloth. More stubborn spots may need to be treated with:

  • 1:1 Mixture of Water and White Vinegar
  • Citrus-Based Cleansers
  • Commercial Aluminum Cleansers

Homeowners can also apply a small amount of automobile wax to the frames after cleaning to help prevent oxidation in the future.

Restoring Vinyl Windows

Over time and with plenty of exposure to the elements, vinyl windows can start to turn an unsightly yellow color. It’s not difficult to freshen them up again with the right cleansers. Consider starting with a mixture of detergent and water to wash the vinyl clean. You may also want to remove any mold spots with a 3:1 ratio of water to trisodium phosphate.

Finally, spray the vinyl with a 2:1 ratio of water and white vinegar. Allow it to dry in place, then gently scrub the window with clean water and a brush.

After this, you can replace any worn-out weatherstripping and seals as needed to ensure that the window is airtight.

How to Get a Replacement Window Installation

Another option is to hire a professional contractor to get a new window installation completed in Seattle. Consider reaching out to Harley Exteriors to learn more about our window replacement services during a free consultation. You can set up an appointment by calling us or filling in our online form.