Common Types of Residential Windows

Common Types of Residential Windows Replacing the windows in your home is a big decision, and there are many considerations you’ll have to make. For example, what material do you want your window frames to be made of? What about the color and other decorative …

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What Is Composition Roofing?

If you are looking to have a new roof installed at your home, you have likely been learning about the different kinds of roofing materials that you have to choose from. One term you may have come across in your searching is composition roofing—but what …

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How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Save Money?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the cost-saving advantages of energy-efficient windows and found no reason for doubts. But if you’re one of those homeowners who rightfully would like more information before you make a window replacement decision, it helps to know the primary features that make …

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How Long Do Fiberglass Shingles Last?

Every homeowner wants their roof to look good, but the more important concern when it comes to overall functionality is durability. Roofing that is specially engineered for durability will protect your home more reliably and longer than conventionally made options. In Seattle and nearby areas …

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Can New Windows Increase the Value of Your Seattle Home?

For most homeowners, money is the biggest limiting factor when deciding which home renovations to pursue. Some renovations pay off more than others in terms of property value, so it’s no surprise that homeowners tend to focus on those. But what about window replacement projects? …

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Can Windows Insulate Your Seattle, WA, Home?

As a Seattle resident, you know firsthand how cold and rainy our weather can get, especially in the winter months. During particularly severe seasons, many residents hardly venture outside their homes, and who can blame them? A warm, cozy home beats the soggy, frigid outdoors …

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The Best Roofing for Seattle Weather

It’s well known that it rains a lot in Seattle, so it just makes sense that any product you choose for your home’s exterior be able to endure repeated moisture exposure. Roofing is a prime example. Unlike some other components of your home, your roof …

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Consider These Window Styles for Your Seattle Home

New windows can make your home more attractive while improving ventilation, energy efficiency, and opening your home to better views and more natural light. However, there are so many window styles available that many people find choosing windows that best serve their operational and aesthetic …

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