Can Windows Insulate Your Seattle, WA, Home? As a Seattle resident, you know firsthand how cold and rainy our weather can get, especially in the winter months. During particularly severe seasons, many residents hardly venture outside their homes, and who can blame them? A warm, cozy home beats the soggy, frigid outdoors any day. But some homes are not as thermally comfortable as they can be. Poor attic insulation and drafty windows are two big reasons. That’s why homeowners looking for replacement windows often seek options with energy-efficient features that limit heat transfer. Energy-efficient windows insulate homes effectively by preventing heat from either escaping or entering the home. The result? Stable indoor temperatures that ease your HVAC system’s workload and lead to lower energy bills.

Windows Designed for Pacific Northwest Weather

Depending on their energy-saving features and options, windows offer different levels of insulation. For optimal effect, get windows designed specifically for the local climate. These types of windows are equipped with low-emissivity (low-E) glass panes that are highly insulative. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR-rated windows will enhance your home’s energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer. Not only that, low-E windows, like the kind that Harley Exteriors installs, feature panes that block 95% of ultraviolet light, which can protect your home’s interior from color-fading UV rays.

Help From Harley Exteriors

If you’re a Seattle resident in the market for insulative windows, look to Harley Exteriors. We offer and install windows made for the Pacific Northwest climate. Our windows feature vinyl frames engineered with strong, triple-thick interior walls and low-E. You can get them in any of several vivid frame colors and finishes for windows that will suit your tastes and complement your home’s color scheme beautifully. And, no matter which window styles you prefer, they will be custom-made to fit your window openings seamlessly. Contact Harley Exteriors today for more information.