How a New Roof Can Increase Home Value in SeattleAccording to Remodeling Magazine, a Seattle homeowner can expect to recoup 87% of the cost of a new roof at the time of home resale. That’s a much higher return on investment at resale as compared to most other home improvements. If you’re planning on selling your home soon but realize that you may need a new roof, here are few tips to keep in mind for increasing your property’s value.

Choose a Roof Made for Pacific Northwest Weather

Seattle’s high annual rainfall provides a clue to what type of roofing systems homeowners prefer. While it’s true that any weathertight roof makes a home more valuable, those that hold up well in our cold, wet environment are the ones that will make your home stand out in the competitive housing market. Consider going with fiberglass shingles, which are ideal for wet weather conditions.

Choose a Long-Lasting Roofing System

Considering cost alone, home buyers will gravitate toward roofs that look good and show no signs that any maintenance or repair is needed soon. To prevent that weather-worn look of curling or buckled shingles that may turn off potential buyers, your new roofing should be durable in weather extremes and easy to maintain. It’s perhaps equally important that the new roof lends stylish impact to the home, which is probably the first thing about your roof that will draw homebuyers’ eyes.

Consider Our Fiberglass Roofing Solution

You have a slew of choices on the market to help you increase your home’s value at resale, but few offer fiberglass roofing’s durability, low maintenance requirements, and long-lasting curb appeal. With roof installation service in Seattle, Harley Exteriors installs fiberglass roofing in several design and color options. If you would like to see whether fiberglass shingles are an attractive fit for your home, contact us today.