Why Seattle Homes Need Quality WindowsWindows do a lot more for a home than many homeowners might assume. In addition to opening living spaces to views and natural light, windows—top-quality ones, in particular—add beauty and a sense of spaciousness. But windows must serve all of these functions without compromising thermal comfort. In other words, you want clear views of the surrounding landscape without having to feel like you’re outside. In Seattle, that would mean feeling cold and uncomfortable for many months of the year, and who wants that?

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

To keep your Seattle home’s interior comfortable and reliably protected from the elements, it’s best to outfit your home with well-engineered windows specifically designed for Pacific Northwest weather. These types of windows feature low-emissivity (low-E) glass panes that are much more insulative than conventional options. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label when choosing replacement windows. ENERGY STAR-rated windows will enhance your home’s energy efficiency and can reduce heating and cooling costs significantly. The result? Potential savings of thousands of dollars over the years.

Durability Is Key

Windows with hardwearing frames that can withstand the ill effects of precipitation are vital for Seattle homes. Vinyl frames are always a wise option as they will resist moisture damage despite exposure to constant rain showers. Vinyl also won’t rot, crack, rust, or corrode, for windows that will look like new years after they’re installed.

Look to Harley Exteriors

In the Seattle area, Harley Exteriors offers and expertly installs windows made for the local climate. In addition to vinyl frames engineered with strong, triple-thick interior walls and low-E glass that block 95% of ultraviolet light, our windows offer a bounty of options in vivid frame colors and finishes that will suit your tastes and complement your home’s color scheme. Contact us to learn more about our durable, energy-saving windows. They’re available in all the popular styles and will be custom-made to fit your window openings precisely.