How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Save EnergyLooking for ways to save energy at your home in the Seattle, Washington, area? One of the newest and most effective ways to do so is by investing in smart home technology. The bulk of a home’s wasted energy is due to our habits. For example, we often leave the lights on when we leave a room, or leave the computer on while it’s not in use. This is where smart home technology can help. It is often difficult to change a habit, so why not let technology do it for you?

Smart home technology uses a variety of energy-saving strategies to help homeowners save energy – and money. Smart home hubs, for example, turn off appliances completely while they are not in use, which helps to save energy that would otherwise be drained by “idling.” Smart hubs can be controlled by apps on a smartphone, so a homeowner can turn their appliances, lights, and other parts of their home on and off with ease, even when they aren’t home themselves!

Home automation makes this even easier for homeowners by setting a specific schedule at which certain devices should be turned on or off. This means you can set the temperature on your air conditioner to be turned up during the hours when you aren’t home, and have it cooled off again by the time you arrive again, making your home more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

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