What Are Energy Star Qualified Windows?If you’re on the lookout for new windows for your home in Seattle, Washington, you’ve probably come across a number of confusing industry terms. There is so much information to make sense of, from grid patterns to double-pane glass. At Harley Exteriors, one term that we often help homeowners understand is what ENEGRY STAR qualification is – and the value of having ENERGY STAR windows installed in their homes.


ENERGY STAR products meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent standards for energy efficiency. These products, which can include appliances, windows, and other home improvement products, are proven to help save energy, save money, and protect the environment by reducing the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the air.


ENERGY STAR windows boast a number of features that help to improve their energy efficiency. These features vary from window to window, but often include improved efficiency in elements like the:
  • Glass package
  • Spacers
  • Frames
  • Seals
Windows that are ENERGY STAR qualified can help to reduce your home’s energy usage by making it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature. In turn, this can potentially lead to savings on your monthly energy bills.

At Harley Exteriors, we boast a full spectrum of ENERGY STAR qualified windows to help you make your Seattle, WA, home more energy efficient. For more information about our products, or to learn more about ENERGY STAR, contact us today.