When you buy a new house, it may be easy to forsake the windows. They are just as easy to walk by as the walls, rooms and doorways. 

This can be because of how boring they may look. Many new home buyers look for the aesthetics, above all.  You want to proud of your home and the easiest way to do that, is invest in products that'll not only make your house look better, but add value through what they offer. Let's look at what new windows can offer.

Exposure to daylight

New windows can do a lot to add new light to your home. Old windows can accrue dirt and dust that is stubborn and won't come off with out expensive chemicals and treatment options. New windows not only add value, but also take out the hassle of trying to restore old windows. 

Adding daylight to your home will help save on electricity, too. The added light will bring a natural feeling to your home. One that will be warmed and lit by the sun. 

Easy Maintenance

When older windows begin to break down, re-caulking may need to be done, one of the panes may need to be replaced. The repairs may start to add up. If this was your car, let's say the battery went out, then a couple weeks later, the started, then the alternator. When things start snowballing it's better to invest in a newer car to avoid a money pit situation. 

The same can be said for older windows. Older windows can easily lead to structural and siding damage. It's better to invest than it is to keep throwing money at an upkeep in a losing battle.

UV Exposure

When you look around your house and you see faded carpet, furniture and even portions of your wooden floor, it's because of UV radiation coming through your windows. 

Older windows don't have proper UV protection, simply because the technology did not exist. Now that it does, its time to invest in new windows. 

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