Your roof works hard to protect you from the crazy weather we get here in Seattle, WA. With the usually wet weather we get in Washington, your roof keeps out moisture that can lead to pests, mold and hidden structural damage. Your roof is also a part of your homes aesthetic and one of the key parts in a first impression of your home. As you can see, a good quality and healthy roof is just as important to your home as a healthy foundation for you home.

With summer approaching, this is the ideal time to do a roof replacement project for your home and it will be perfect for the wintertime.

When you turn to Harley Exteriors for your roof replacement needs these are the perks that you should expect to see in the future:

Property Value Increase

There will be an increase in your property and resale value with a new roof installed. The average ROI (return on investment) for a new roof is going to be about 70%, meaning you will get back about 70% of the money spent on your new roof. Changing the color of your roof can also enhance the look of your home as well, giving your home more appeal. We offer many different colors so you can easily change up the look of your home to better match the look of your home and climate if you so choose.

Energy Efficiency  “Energy Efficiency” is common benefit for all of our products here at Harley Exteriors and our roofs are no exception. Technology is something is constantly advancing and roofing technology is part of that. There is going to be much better insulation in more up to date roofs that are made to reflect sunlight rather than absorb. Our replacement roofing is Energy StarTM Certified, which will help with the temperature in your home and your energy bill. Added Safety  A roof in great condition is supposed to protect the home from the outside but an old roof may lead to more harm than good. Changing your roof can remove built up mold and mildew, which can prevent you from any health problems. If the roof is old and water is able to seep in that can lead to hidden water damage and water intrusion and that’s not something that is always visible to the naked eye. Old roofs also risk the collapsing. When you replace your roof through Harley Exteriors specialists you have the fiberglass shingles option, which is resistant to leaks and protects against harsh weather elements. There’s also a lifetime roofing system – never roof again.