The freezing temperatures of Western Washington can be extremely cold and costly without the proper type of windows installed in your home.  The unpleasant cold can make for a rough and cold winter in your home.  The summer heat and UV sun rays can also let in uncomfortable heat within your home.

Harley Exteriors offers the Cardinal Glass LoĒ³-366 and LoĒ³-i89 windows, which help, solve these temperature problems from poor insulation without compromising a beautiful view.  

The Top Five Benefits of Harley Exteriors Windows:
  1. The energy efficient glass is more effective than a triple-pane, clear window.   The LoĒ³-366 acts like a triple-pane window giving you optimum insulation within your home.  If the temperature outside is approximately 49° then the inside temperature will be about 58°.
  2. Your furniture and interiors are protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  The UV rays are harmful enough to fade the color of your furniture and interiors. The window allows for you to still have sunlight and clear visibility within your home without using heavy blinds to block the light.   
  3. The windows allow for maximum security in your home.  The strength of the double-pane will prevent window breaks from occurring.  The optimal screens will also not allow tampering from the outside.  
  4. Cleaning windows can be a major hassle, especially with multi-level homes.  The window’s glass is easy to take out for cleaning on both the inside and outside parts of the glass.  
  5. Harley Exteriors uses vinyl frames for their windows that have the look of natural wood.  The vinyl securely locks in the window to prevent draft with the seal we offer.  
Harley Exteriors offers windows which maximize energy efficiency with a variety of different styles.  The year-round comfort from the windows Harley Exteriors offers will bring enjoyment to your home.   Harley Exteriors offers superior windows and other home improvement products.   To learn more about our window options and information about Harley Exteriors, please visit or contact us at (888) 826-0005.