Window Frame Expansion Explained

You may have heard the term “window frame expansion” before – but exactly what does it mean? And, why is it bad? Whether you’re brand new to the world of replacement windows or are a seasoned DIY pro looking to gain some new info, read on to learn about window frame expansion from the experts at Harley Exteriors.

The expansion and contraction of window frames occurs when the windows are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. In cold weather, the frames may shrink, as the molecules that make up the frames are not moving around. When the frames are in hot weather, the molecules speed up, potentially causing the frames to expand.

Why is Window Frame Expansion Harmful?

Window frame expansion can be a negative occurrence because it can compromise the structural integrity of the window. When the expansion and contraction happens over and over as the seasons change, the window frames can become permanently warped. This can put the window glass under pressure or even potentially crack it over time. Additionally, repeated expansion and contraction can cause the windows’ seals to fail, allowing moisture to enter the home and seep in between panes of glass. In extreme cases, window frame expansion can even cause a window to become detached from the wall!

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