As the years go by, the elements can take a toll on your Seattle, Washington, home’s roof and cause it to age. In some cases, the only damage that occurs from this is cosmetic, such as streaks of algae growing on your roof or your shingles’ color fading from the sun. However, weathering can also lead to serious structural damage, especially when moisture intrusion becomes an issue. Because of this, it’s important to consider reroofing when you begin to notice signs of weathering. Here are three signs to look out for:

Reroofing Seattle, WAMissing & Damaged Shingles

Hail and strong winds can damage your shingles and even rip them away, leaving unprotected gaps in your roof. This makes it easier for water to get in and wreak havoc on your home’s structure. If only a few shingles have been affected, they can likely be replaced. Otherwise, reroofing may be necessary to prevent damage.


Water damage weakens the structural integrity of your home in a number of ways, including by causing metal components to rust and wooden ones to rot. Because of this, it’s important to address leaks as soon as you notice them. You can then prevent future structural damage by choosing leak-resistant shingles for your reroofing project.

Mold Growth

Another indication that reroofing may be in order is mold growth. In addition to being harmful to breathe in, the presence of mold and mildew points to water intrusion and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Learn About Your Reroofing Options

If you’ve noticed any of the above concerns in your roofing, it’s important to take care of them before any serious structural damage occurs. Harley Exteriors will be happy to come to your Seattle, WA, home, perform an inspection and let you know whether it’s time for a roof replacement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.