On average 10-20% of energy in your home is lost through your windows. If your windows are older, they are more subjective to energy loss, which will lead to a rise in your utilities cost every month.

Energy efficiency is something that homeowners are going to strive for, for their future home improvements to keep their homes comfortable and utility costs lower. There are several different types of windows that you could get, however the best material that’s going to be the easiest to maintain is going to be vinyl.

Vinyl windows are going to be less of an expensive but just as durable as aluminum or wood with their own separate benefits. When comparing vinyl to wood, the biggest difference is going to be the amount of maintenance that is needed to maintain the aesthetic of wood. With wood, there’s a need to sand and repaint over time and it can peel or flake without the proper care. Wood may also be a host for rot and mold in a humid or rainy climate like the Seattle area. With the popularity of vinyl on the rise, vinyl windows are going to come in all different colors with no-fade. Aluminum is not going to be the best for energy efficiency however they do well in wet climates. The transfer of temperature is not going to be as steady in comparison with vinyl for the price difference you’ll be paying.

At Harley Exteriors, our Olympic Series energy efficient windows are exclusive to our company. The windows are manufactured here in Washington and are designed to be able to withstand the weather we get here in the Pacific Northwest. Our installers are specially trained to install our Olympic Series windows so you can feel more at peace knowing that the job is being done right. Our vinyl windows have a triple thick interior wall for maximum strength and durability. The windows block up to 95% of UV lights that enter your home to help protect against sun damage on your floors and furniture.

Our windows are Energy Star qualified and are backed by our double lifetime warranty. We offer many different styles of windows as well; single & double hung, picture, casement, bay, bow and more.

Replacing your windows at first thought can be a taxing task however at Harley Exteriors we make it extremely easy. Our window specialist can easily come to your home and inspect your current windows and you will receive a free quote.

When replacing your windows it’s extremely important to take the material into consideration; if you’re going to be replacing your windows you want to do so with a material that will last you with a great warranty.

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