Replace your front door

If you want to give your home a bit of an updated look but want your project to be beneficial to you, you may want to consider replacing your entryway door! Replacing your front door is one of the top renovations that increase your home's resale value and practically pays for itself. Other than the return on investment there are other great benefits to replacing your front door.

Added Home Security

Up to date front doors will be much more durable and the locking efficiency will be a great deal better than an older door. Harley Exteriors offers powerful steel front doors that meet stringent code requirements such as structural, impact and fire ratings. The doors are made to fit in any home due to the door being hung by Harley Exteriors Fast-Frame TM. We also offer fiberglass doors that are going to be resistant to dirt, dings and dents. You can add more home security with your sliding glass patio doors as well with what we offer: there are multi-point lock handles to add safety and if you have any pets we also offer optional pet doors.

Save on energy bill

 Insulation is going to play a key part in your home maintaining an ideal internal temperature. Replacing your front door can make a difference in your bill and how comfortable you are in your home. Because insulation was more of an expensive thing in the past, your older front doors may not be properly insulating the temperature in your home. Wood doors are going to be ones you may want to look into changing due to it has the least insulation despite the pleasing appearance. Wooden doors are more like to be warped over time and lead to cold or warm air to seep in. Your best bet for energy efficient doors are going to be steel and fiberglass ones. Harley Exteriors offers more than 25 different colors and designs for entry doors.

Glass isn’t going to be the best insulator, that leaves older sliding glass doors to lose heat at a faster rate than your entry door. We install Energy Star Rated sliding glass patio doors that have a bright Euro Vinyl Frame to replace your old ones.

Replacing Your Door With Harley Exteriors

Here at Harley Exteriors; we have many well-versed specialist who will install your perfectly measured new entry door. We offer many different styles and colors that will instantly spruce up the look of your home. We offer lifetime warranties on all of the entry doors and other products we sell and install. We are confident in the quality of our products and the work of our specialists.

If you like to find out any more information about our entry doors or any other home improvement projects we can assist with, please give Harley Exteriors a call at (425) 527-0077.