The value of homes can go up and down depending on the housing market.  However, the value of a home can depreciate if it is not maintained and well kept up from the outside. Homeowners are often concerned about the value of their home whether they are selling it or not.  Simple improvements to the exterior of your home will boost your home’s curb appeal.  The look of your home’s exterior can really improve the outcome of how quickly it will sell and the value of the home. Overtime homes need to be spruced up a bit with cleaning, updating and maintaining.
Here are some simple tips for improving your home’s curb appeal... Roof: The number one component homebuyers, real estate agents, and appraisers look at is the roof.  Is your roof missing shingles, in poor condition, or need to be cleaned?  Replacing the roof with a Harley Exteriors’ DuraStrength fiberglass shingle roofing will be an investment to boost your curb appeal.   The roof replacement will last a lifetime, being a great option to add to your home.  The well-being of the home's roof can determine many factors of the home besides making the exterior of your home look great.  The roof can save on your energy bill, prevent mold and mildew, and overall give an appealing aesthetic look to your home.   Clean: Simply cleaning the exterior of your home will be a cost-effective option to increase your home’s curb appeal.   The home’s exterior can become dirty from weather inclinations, surrounding landscaping,   A pressure washer can cost about $75 a day to rent. Cleaning the siding, driveway, and deck with a pressure washer will make your home look sparkling clean.   Don’t forget your windows, they can become dirty and need to be cleaned also.  Mix one part water to one part distilled vinegar for a streak free solution to clean your windows.   Green Lawn: Maintaining the home’s lawn to be green and weed free will make the outside of the home look put together.  Nothing looks worse than overgrown brown grass. Get your lawn mower out and make your lawn look great!  Water the lawn regularly during the appropriate seasons.  Green grass is appealing but also having the proper length of grass is important.  Don’t cut more than ⅓ of the length of the grass because it can lead to browning. Manicuring the landscape surrounding your home will boost the curb appeal of your home.  This is a simple and easy upgrade to the appeal of your home.   Add Some Color: Adding some color to your home will make the exterior look more inviting and appealing.  This could be simply repainting the front door or siding.   Even adding some colorful annual plants that will last through the harsh Pacific Northwest winters will brighten up the exterior.   With these simple fixes to the exterior of your home, it will be looking great within just a few weeks.  Maintaining and building your home’s curb appeal will increase the value and make it the home of your dreams.   Harley Exteriors offers Replacement Windows, Roofing Installation & Other Home Improvements for Residents of Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, & Nearby Communities in Western WA. Family-owned and operated, Harley Exteriors is proud of its team of expert installation professionals for its reputation of providing superior customer service. Since 2002, we’ve been installing custom replacement windows, as well as fiberglass shingle roofing, to homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout that time we’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an A rating with Angie’s List, and have been honored with the First Security Bank Achievement Award for outstanding customer service. For more information about Harley Exteriors, please visit or contact us at (425) 527-0077.