Have you ever experienced a strong odor of fiberglass after you finished a home improvement project?  Sometimes the smell can be derived from the resin of the fiberglass.  It can be an unpleasant smell that will make your completed home improvement project difficult to enjoy.   Harley Exteriors offersCodel Doors, which contains a fiberglass resin coating on the doors. Often times, the fiberglass resin won’t bother the newly renovated home’s odor.   In those rare times it does, here are some tips on how to get rid of the smell...  
  • Open the windows of your home to air out the smell.  Letting fresh air into your home is the first trick to get rid of the smell.  Most of the time a simple airing out of the home will do the job.  This is the most ideal during the summer or springtime when the weather isn’t cold outside.
  • For those times it is cold, a fan in the area of the door will help break up the concentrated smell of fiberglass in your home.  Most likely the smell is built up right in the area where the resin in located.  Placing a fan in the area will help break apart the concentrated smell and move the air throughout the home.  
  • Placing boxes of baking soda in the area of the concentrated smell will help absorb it.  Just like how we place baking soda in our freezers and refrigerators to absorb an unpleasant smell, doing the same for the resin from fiberglass will take away any bad smells.  The baking soda will absorb the unpleasant smell, making it a more enjoyable living area.  
These helpful tips should eliminate the unpleasant odor that can potentially accompany a beautiful fiberglass entry door.  Our fiberglass front doors are durable to resist dents and maintain overtime for various weather conditions.   Harley Exteriors offers superior windows and other home improvement products.   To learn more about our door options and information about Harley Exteriors, please visit www.harleyexteriors.com or contact us at (888) 826-0005.