Replacing your roof is a huge decision that is generally made out of necessity. Typically people do not even notice their roof until it starts failing. With roof replacement being such a large investment you need to know what signs to look for before deciding to go forth with a replacement project. These are the 9 major reasons why your roof will need to be replaced.
  • WatWater Damageer Damage: Water damage can be caused by improper ventilation, aged vents, leaks in valleys, missing shingles, and missing or damaged flashing. Water damage is the number one reason to replace your roof.
  • Damaged Flashing: Damaged flashing is caused by normal wear and tear anDamaged Flashingd improper installation. This is the most common cause of water damage to your roof. There is no permanent fix for this without replacement.
  • Missing Shingles: Missing Shingles can be caused by exposure to high winds, improper fastening, poor quality sealants, and aging. When shingles are missing your roof is more easily exposed to the elements making the integrity of the roof deteriorate at a rapid pace.
  • Bucking and Curling: Bucking and Curling can be caused by improper technique during installation, low quality asphalt blends, improper ventilation, and shingles reaching the end of their useful life. Both cause the shingles to come off of the roof and leads to unwanted exposure to the elements.
  • Shingle Blistecurlingring: Shingle blistering is commonly caused by moisture trapped in the shingles, excessive use of asphalt during installation, absorption of moisture at the core of the shingle, or material used for the shingle.
  • Algae Growth: Algae growth is caused when airborne algae is deposited onto the roof. This is a common issue in the Pacific Northwest, and only routine maintenance can cure it. When left untreated it can affect the service life of materials on your roof.
  • Granular Loss: Granular loss is caused by exposure to the elements over time. On aging shingles, missing granule indicates the need for replacement as it cannot be repaired. Excess granule loss allows water saturation. Ogranular Lossn newly applied shingles a certain number of loose granules is normal.
  • Rotting Shingles:  Rotting shingles are caused by absorption of moisture at the core of the shingle. Age, granule loss, blistering, and excess algae in shingles can all be contributing factors when shingles rot. At this stage structural damage risk is high  and requires immediate replacement.
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