These Innovative Window Features Will Help Seattle Homeowners Save Money

Innovative Window Features to Save MoneyAre you looking to save money at your home in the Seattle, Washington, area? One fairly simple way to accomplish this is to invest in new windows. But, not all windows can lead to monetary savings. Generally speaking, only energy efficient windows can help you save money. So, how can you tell if windows are energy efficient? There are a few features you should look for:


First, be sure to select windows that have frames that don’t conduct heat. Unlike metal, which is a conductor, materials like vinyl or fiberglass won’t transfer temperatures from outside into your home.


Additionally, certain glass packages boast energy efficient features that can potentially save you money after installation. Look for glass that features special coatings or windows that feature gas fills between panes of glass. These both provide an extra layer that outdoor temperatures must penetrate before they can affect the temperature inside your home.


Finally, windows that are not sealed properly will let in air from the outdoors. Be sure that the windows you invest in are properly sealed to keep our air and water alike.

Want to learn more about how these window features can help save money at your Seattle, WA, home? Contact Harley Exteriors today. We’ll be glad to speak with you about features to look for in energy efficient windows, as well as tell you about the highly efficient window products we have available for installation