A Window Replacement Company Offering Specialized Service in Renton, WA

Window Replacement Company Redmond WAAny window replacement company can claim to offer specialized service, but what does that really mean? Do they offer curated replacement windows that feature innovations in function and design? Or are their installation services personalized in every which way to suit the homeowner, weekends included? At Harley Exteriors, we can’t say for sure why other window replacement companies make the claims they do, but we know what makes our service special: We are a long-tenured, family-owned and -operated company that installs windows designed for Pacific Northwest climate. As a Renton, Washington, resident, you’ve seen firsthand the toll our weather inflicts on roofs, doors, windows, and other parts of your home’s exterior, so why shouldn’t these products be designed to withstand it?

Durability Meets High Design

We install durable replacement windows that will perform reliably for years no matter how many seasons of wet, cold weather they endure. Crafted with strong, weather-resistant vinyl frames and low-E glass, our windows are ENERGY STAR® rated to improve your home’s energy efficiency by limiting heat transfer. Plus, they’re available in all the popular styles, including double-hung, horizontal slider, casement and awning. For frames that suit your taste, you’ll have your pick from several fade-resistant colors and finishes. For a touch of distinction, you can also choose options like grille patterns. Durable, stylish windows that can save you money on energy costs—that’s the definition of a special product.

Would you like to learn more about our windows and installation service? Contact Harley Exteriors, the company with replacement windows that fit your life as a Renton, WA, resident.