Will Vinyl Windows Warp?

Warping was once a common problem with vinyl windows, but technological advancements have changed the game. Modern vinyl windows are built to withstand the environmental factors that cause structural shifting and are expected to last a lifetime without warping.

Will Vinyl Windows Warp?What Causes Windows to Warp?

Warping happens when window frames expand and contract. This is typically the result of moisture intrusion, temperature fluctuations or both.

When water gets inside a window, it puts pressure on the frame, forcing it out of its original position and causing it to warp. Weather extremes can also cause warping, as some window frames will expand and contract with freezing and thawing temperatures.

Warping is most commonly seen in wooden windows, as wood is easily affected by temperature changes and moisture intrusion. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, do not absorb water easily. Plus, they are typically reinforced to prevent unnecessary movement, making it less likely that the frames will shift with temperature changes.

Should I Replace My Warped Windows?

Warping compromises the structural integrity of a window. Once this happens, the window will no longer fit the opening it was made for. As a result, leaking and air infiltration can occur. These are major issues that can lead to water damage, uncomfortable interior temperatures and exorbitant energy costs. Operable windows that warp are also likely to lose their ability to open and close. Because of this, it’s important to address warping right away. Sometimes, warped windows can be repaired, but more often than not, a full window replacement will be necessary.

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