Will a New Roof Keep My House Cooler?

Your roof is one of the many factors that affect the energy efficiency of your home, and replacing it could help keep your house cooler. But, not every roof offers the same level of thermal protection. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, consider the following factors:

Will a New Roof Keep My House Cooler?Material

First and foremost, you’ll want to think about material. Different roofing materials absorb and reflect heat at different rates. Metal, for example, is reflective, while asphalt is absorptive. However, modern advancements have led to the development of cool roof coatings, which are energy-efficient and can be applied to almost any type of residential roofing. While cool roofing may cost a little more up front, it’s likely to lead to energy savings down the road. Plus, it’s sure to help keep your house cooler and more comfortable during the hot summer months.


Dark colors absorb light and trap heat. The opposite is true of light colors. Because of this, light-colored roofs are better at keeping houses cool. So, why do so many homes have dark roofs? The answer is simple: seasons. If you live in an area that is subjected to cold winters and hot summers, you need to account for both. A darker roof may not help keep your home cool in the summer, but it will absorb heat in the winter, keeping your home warm and encouraging snow to melt faster.


Your attic’s construction is one of the most important factors in keeping your home comfortable. Proper ventilation and insulation will allow excess heat to escape in the summer and remain inside during the winter. So, before you invest in a new roof, you should have a contractor inspect your ventilation and insulation to ensure they’re not causing a problem.

At the end of the day, any new roof is likely to keep your house cooler, provided that it is properly installed. Harley Exteriors would be happy to help you learn more. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at your home in the Seattle area.