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Roofing Company Federal Way WA It’s easy to take a roof for granted. It’s not a moveable component of the home, so you don’t use it the same way you do your doors or windows. A roof just sits there, out of reach, and in some ways, out of sight and out of mind. But a roof is arguably a home’s most important feature, protecting your family, belongings, and others part of the home from the elements and providing a measure of energy efficiency and visual appeal. A roof is designed to stay in place, almost like a permanent feature. But roofs don’t last forever, and if you start noticing curled or bucked roofing shingles or bald spots on the shingles, it may be time to give your roof some attention. These flaws are often the first signs that your roof may be compromised. At Harley Exteriors, we advise Federal Way, WA, homeowners to reach out to us at the first sign of roof disrepair or damage. As a professional roofing company serving area residents since 2002, we perform comprehensive roof inspections and installations that can help you save money in the long run.

Long-Lasting Roofing Systems Made for the Pacific Northwest Climate

When you reach out to us, our roofing specialists will visit your home to inspect your roof for any sign of water damage, mold, and shingle deterioration. We’ll also inspect your attic and ceilings for water stains. If we find that a roof replacement is the most cost-effective solution, you’ll have great options with Harley.

Our roofing systems far surpass conventional standards in the ability to withstand cold, high moisture climates, like ours. Engineered by the world-class manufacturer CertainTeed®, our durable fiberglass shingles come in an array of design profiles, colors, and textures, and blend striking architectural interest with outstanding performance. They feature:

  • Advanced shingle technology for exceptional leak prevention
  • Wind resistance of up 130 mph for ultimate home protection
  • Resistance to streaking, spotting, discoloration, or other issues that can plague roofs in our region

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If you like more information about our roofing services, contact us. As the premier roofing company serving Federal Way, WA, we offer easy financing options to qualified residents.