What Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Woodinville, WA?

Roof Replacement Seattle, WAAt Harley Exteriors, we’ve been performing industry-leading roof replacements for Woodinville, Washington, homeowners for quite some time. One of the first questions we are often asked during our consultations is, “What will my roof replacement cost?” Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide one blanket answer for all homeowners. This is because every roof replacement is unique, and there are a number of factors that can influence the cost.

Factors that influence cost

There are a number of factors that we take into consideration when we provide an estimate of what a roof replacement will cost. In fact, in order to give an accurate estimate, we have to sit down with the homeowner and find out more about their home, preferences, and requirements for their new roof. Only then are we able to provide a cost estimate. Some of the factors we take into consideration include:

  • The kind of roofing the homeowner wants installed
  • The brand of the roof the homeowner wants installed
  • The age of the home
  • Any existing issues with the current roof or foundation

As a homeowner, you should be wary of roofers who claim that they can provide you with a cost without first speaking with you and inspecting your home. That said, you should also be wary of partnering with roofers who guarantee they have the lowest prices around. In the world of home improvement, cheaper is not always best.

If you would like to find out the cost of a roof replacement at your Woodinville, WA, home, contact Harley Exteriors today. We will be glad to provide you with a consultation so that we can give you an accurate estimate.