Stop Clogs for Good – Have a Protective System Installed Over Your Rain Gutters

Cleaning out your clogged gutters is a chore you probably dread. Thankfully, Harley Exteriors can help you put an end to clogs by installing a protective system over your rain gutters.

What Are Gutter Covers?

Gutter covers are an innovative covering that is installed over your gutter system. They prevent leaves, sticks, and other debris from falling into your gutters while simultaneously improving your gutters’ ability to move water away from your home.

Rain Gutters Spanaway, WAHarley Exteriors Installs LeafX® Gutter Covers

The protective systems Harley installs come from industry-leading manufacturer LeafX®. These covers are one of the most effective systems available on the market. Designed by engineers, the LeafX® system features a ridged, nose-forward design that:

  • Pushes falling debris away from your rain gutters, keeping them clog-free
  • Forces water to fall in sheets rather than streams, allowing your gutters to carry it away more efficiently
  • Strengthens your gutters and gives them the durability to withstand ice, snow and higher rain levels than have ever been recorded in the area

In addition to their superior functionality, the gutter covers we install offer a sleek, low-profile design. They will blend seamlessly into your home’s exterior, unlike many other gutter covers that look slapped on and out-of-place.

Have Your Gutter Guards Installed Now

Want to protect your rain gutters from clogs for good? Contact Harley Exteriors today to learn more about our gutter guards and to schedule a free consultation. Our team has helped more than 7,000 homeowners with their exterior renovations and we’re ready to make yours our next successful project.