Leaf Guards Professionally Installed for Tacoma, WA, Residents

Leaf Guards Tacoma WALeaf guards are a smart home improvement investment for homeowners in the Tacoma, Washington, area. By having them installed on your house, you will never have to climb a ladder to clean out your gutters again – the gutter covers will prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging up the drainage pipes and causing water to overflow from your roof. If you’re ready to give up the dangerous chore of cleaning your gutters, you can turn to Harley Exteriors for superior leaf guard products and installation services.

Our technicians install LeafX® leaf guards, a state-of-the-art gutter protection system. With LeafX®, your drainage system will be able to direct water effectively away from your home, even in the heaviest downpours, without becoming clogged or overflowing. This is due to the gutter cover’s nose-forward design, which helps water flow into the gutters while blocking out all kinds of unwanted debris. LeafX® gutter covers also feature vertical perforations that allow more water flow into the gutters than other systems do. Plus, this gutter protection system is cut on-site to ensure a perfect fit on your home that works with the pitch of your roof.

As an added benefit, LeafX® leaf guards come in a variety of colors, so your gutter protection system can complement your Tacoma home’s exterior. Some of the color options include:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Medium brown
  • Almond
  • White
  • Pearl grey
  • And more

If you are interested in learning more about the leaf guards we install for homeowners in the Tacoma, WA, area, contact Harley Exteriors today.