How to Make Your Vinyl Windows Last Longer

To ensure your vinyl windows last as long as possible, you can:

Shade South-Facing Windows

The sun’s harsh UV rays can take a toll on vinyl windows and break down the integrity of the frames. While it’s impossible to avoid all sun exposure, you can take steps to protect your windows. Having awnings installed over your south-facing windows is a great way to do this.

Keep the Frames Clean

Cleaning your window frames from time to time will help ensure the longest possible lifespan. Luckily, vinyl windows are incredibly easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down with warm soapy water to remove any dirt, dust or grime and prevent build-up.

Address Damage Quickly

If cracks or other damage occurs, you’ll want to address the problem right away. Typically, minor damage can be easily repaired, but when ignored, it can lead to window failure. You can avoid the need for a premature replacement by performing regular inspections and having any damage fixed immediately.

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