Gutter Protection System for Homes in Seattle, WA and Neighboring Cities

Gutter Protection System Seattle WAInstalling a gutter protection system on your home in Seattle, Washington or in a nearby community can prevent you from having to do the sometimes dangerous task of cleaning your gutters. If you’re looking for a dependable company to install such a system, turn to Harley Exteriors. We have been serving the Puget Sound region for many years, and we proudly offer only the highest quality products while providing exceptional customer service, backed up by a double lifetime warranty on our gutter protection system products and our installation labor.

At Harley Exteriors, we install the LeafX® gutter protection system, which offers many features that benefit you as a homeowner in Seattle, WA or surrounding city, including:

  • Durability – the system is made with 100% aluminum, so it can withstand the test of time and severe, heavy rainfall
  • Modern appearance – our gutter guards are installed below the first row of roof shingles, which makes the appearance sleek and largely unnoticeable
  • Color options – the LeafX® system comes in your choice of 14 colors, so you can choose a color that compliments your home’s existing exterior décor.

The LeafX® system is designed to utilize gravity and surface tension to pull water into your gutters while keeping debris such as twigs and leaves out. As a result, this gutter system can handle heavy rainfall without the inconvenience of becoming clogged. To add to the convenience factor, the installation process of this system is easy, especially when you hire Harley Exteriors. All of our technicians have years of experience in the industry, and can install a gutter protection system at your home efficiently and correctly- the first time.

For more information on having a gutter protection system installed on your home in Seattle, WA, or other surrounding city, contact the professionals at Harley Exteriors today.