Spring is the Best Time to Prepare Your Home for a Hot Summer and a Cold Winter

Spring has sprung in Seattle! That means it’s time to get ready for a hot summer and the cold winter that’s sure to follow. If your home could use some TLC this season, consider the following projects:

Spring Home ImprovementReplace Your Windows

If your windows are drafty, leaky or outdated, spring is the best time to replace them. Having energy-efficient windows installed will protect your home against the impending temperature extremes and help it stay cool in the summer and toasty warm all winter long. Plus, thanks to the lessened strain on your HVAC system, you could see a decrease in your energy costs.

Have Gutter Guards Installed

Living in Seattle, rain is inevitable. But, clogged gutters don’t have to be. Gutter guards will protect your gutters and keep them clear of leaves, twigs and other clogging debris, allowing water to flow quickly away from your home.

Update Your Entry Doors

Though old windows are the main contributor to poor energy efficiency, your doors play a role as well. If your front and patio doors are nearing the end of their lifespan, replace them with new energy-efficient models during springtime. Doing so while temperatures are mild is ideal as you won’t have to deal with the hot or cold air that would gust into your home if you were to remove your doors during the summer or winter.

Need Help?

If you’re ready to get started with any of the above projects but could use some help, contact Harley Exteriors. We’re a local company that offers professional home improvement services throughout the Seattle, WA, area. We’d be happy to perform an inspection and provide helpful advice as you prepare your home for the coming seasons. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.