Commonly these days we are more green and energy efficient conscious about our homes and cars.  Why does any of this really matter? Consumers want the best product that saves on their energy bill and protects the environment.  Keeping your home green and energy efficient will help minimize extra energy cost that could arise.    Windows that last 20 years can save up to 16 tons of CO2 production in an average home.  If every home in America had Duralite Warm Edge Spacer we could save the environment over 58 million tons of CO2 pollution.  Harley Exteriors offers Envirosealed Windows, which contain Duralite Spacers that insulate the edge of glass better than solid foam or metal spacers.  Duralite Spacers are hollow which trap air for maximum thermal performance.   According to The Guardian, “Energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same service.”  At Harley Exteriors, we carry energy efficient Euro Vinyl, Olympic Series Windows.  These types of windows enhance energy efficiency within your home, increasing the potential value and curb appeal of your home.   Living in Western Washington and the Greater Seattle Area, keeping your home warm during the winter can be a struggle without the proper energy efficient windows.  According to, “However, low-e coating (a nearly invisible layer on the glass) reduces conduction and radiation heat losses even further and can improve overall energy savings by 1-15 percent more than standard storm windows without the high-performance coating.” Not only do our energy efficient Euro Vinyl Windows conserve heat within in your home but also cooling costs.   When remodeling your home, keep in mind the energy efficiency of the products you are choosing to improve your home with.  Audit your home to see what products you could use conserve energy in your home.  Keeping an inventory of what you can replace with energy efficient products in your home will help give you an idea of replaceable items in your remodeling plan. There are tons of ways to upgrade your home to be energy efficient.  Keeping your home green is good for the planet and you.