Look for These Qualities When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

As a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, you live in one of the wettest regions in the country. Frequent rainfall replenishes soil moisture to create the lush, green environment that you enjoy, but it also presents a potentially costly problem when your roof is compromised. If you notice that your roofing shingles are curling, buckling, or cracked—or worse, if your roof is leaking—then it’s time to consider a roof replacement. It’s possible you may require only roof repairs, but a reputable roofing contractor will be able to determine whether repairs or full replacement is the smarter option.

So, what should you look for in a roofing contractor?  Any contractor—a “storm chaser,” for example—can claim to offer a great roofing system. The challenge comes in delivering on that promise, and this requires installation expertise and access to reliable products. Thankfully, with a little diligence, you can find out whether any contractor you’re considering is up to the task. Look for:

A track record of success

Choose a contractor with a verifiable list of satisfied customers. A positive rating from the Better Business Bureau is a reliable indicator of a contractor known for satisfying customers’ needs. Look also for a contractor that has designations and awards that testify to an ability to deliver superior craftsmanship and customer service.

A contractor genuinely concerned about your problem

Beyond the track record, pay attention to your contractor’s responsiveness after you first contact the company. During the initial consultation, be mindful of the quality of customer service, including the thoroughness of the inspection, and the way in which solutions are explained. You want a contractor that’s genuinely concerned about the condition of your home and how to solve your issue rather than landing a big payday.

A company considerate of your budget

Every homeowner has a target budget, and reputable contractors will make an effort to consider what can be done within your spending capacity. Unlike some roofers who may recommend quality compromises just to get a project started, an honest contractor will suggest affordable solutions and alternatives.

Since 2002, Harley Exteriors has been providing top-tier exterior home improvements for customers in the Puget Sound area. As a contractor that has earned an A+ rating from the Business Bureau, we know what it takes to gain customers’ trust. If you suspect you need a new roof, just contact us. Our roofing specialists will perform a detailed inspection of your roofing system. We will then take the time to show you all the outstanding roofing options we install and provide you with an estimate that reflects our dedication to fair and competitive pricing. Want more information? Contact Harley Exteriors today.