How the Weather in Seattle, WA, Damages Roofs

How Weather in Seattle Damages RoofsContrary to popular opinion, it’s not always pouring rain in Seattle. Most of the city’s precipitation comes in the form of drizzle and light rain, with measurable amounts occurring about 150 days of the year. Still, that’s a lot of rainfall for a roof to endure, and as refreshing as rain can be, it’s the weather condition that damages roofs the most. It can infiltrate your roofing system by exploiting the smallest cracks. Over time, this can lead to costly moisture damage to your roof and, ultimately, other areas of your home. Here are a few specific types of rain damage to roofing systems:

Damaged Shingles

Some types of roofing shingles absorb moisture, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. Rain-weakened shingles can curl and buckle, making them unable to provide your roofing system with a proper layer of protection. Not only that, but they are also susceptible to being blown off during windstorms.

Mold & Wood Rot

Damaged roofing shingles are a recipe for mold growth and wood rot, which can then spread to the roof frame and the interior of the house. If you notice mold in your attic, you should seek help from a roofing contractor as soon as possible.


You knew this one was coming. It’s just a fact: Rain weakens shingles, and weak shingles often have bald spots that allow rain to seep through and cause moisture damage.

If your roof is old or shows any of these signs of rain damage, contact Harley Exteriors. We install durable fiberglass roofing systems that are highly weather-resistant and ideal for cities like Seattle, Washington, that experience frequent rainfall. We offer robust warranties for your peace of mind and flexible financing plans to make your new roofing system more affordable.