How Does a New Front Door Add Value to Your Seattle, WA, Home?

Increasing the resale value of your Seattle, Washington, home can be as simple as having a new front door installed. There are two main reasons why: better curb appeal and increased energy efficiency.

New Door Seattle, WA Curb Appeal

As your home’s entryway, your front door can make or break a visitor’s – or potential buyer’s – first impression. Because of this, you want your door to be attractive and in line with the rest of your home’s exterior design. Cracked, faded and outdated doors can detract from an otherwise beautiful exterior. If your entry door has seen better days, it may be time to consider revitalizing your home’s appearance by having a new door installed.

Energy Efficiency

Another common problem with outdated doors is energy efficiency. Without the proper energy-saving features, your front door can allow heat and air transfer to occur. This can create an uncomfortable interior temperature, as cold drafts come in during the winter and hot humid air seeps in during the summer. This can also lead to excess spending, as your HVAC system will have to work harder to condition the air in your home, thus increasing energy costs. To resolve this problem, you may want to have a new door installed. There are a number of energy-efficient options available that can add value to your home.

Consult with an Expert

If you’re interested in having a new door installed at your Seattle, WA, home, you may want to consult with a home improvement contractor. Harley Exteriors would be happy to provide a free consultation and estimate for your new entry door. Contact us today to get started.

Fix Your Drafty Windows If You Want to Lower Energy Costs at Your Seattle, WA, Home

Have your energy costs been skyrocketing lately? If so, you’re probably wondering why. While there are a few different factors that can contribute to rising energy bills, outdated windows are at the top of the list. Thankfully, if your drafty windows are the culprit, you’ll likely see a decrease in your energy costs when you fix the problem.

Fix Drafty Windows Seattle, WA New Windows Can Help Lower Energy Costs?

Older windows tend to be less energy-efficient than their contemporary counterparts. Because of this, heat and air transfer can occur between your home and the outdoors. This makes it more costly to heat and cool your home, as your HVAC system has to battle with Mother Nature to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Newer windows, on the other hand, are equipped with a number of energy-saving features. This adds insulation and makes it easier for your HVAC system to do its job, in turn, lowering energy costs. In addition to savings, your family will enjoy a more comfortable living space when you fix the problem of drafty windows in your home.

Can You Fix Drafty Windows Instead of Replacing Them?

The best way to ensure your windows are performing optimally is to have ENERGY STAR® rated replacement windows installed. However, there are other options, such as caulking, that can also be effective. To find the best solution for your home, you’ll want to consult with a window contractor.

Located near Seattle, WA, Harley Exteriors is a trusted window company that can take a look at your drafty windows and make recommendations for fixing them to reduce energy costs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Here’s Why You Should Fix Your Seattle, WA, Home’s Leaking Windows

Leaking windows can cause a number of problems, from the obvious – like a puddle on your floor – to the less apparent – like mold and mildew growth under the frames. But, any type of water damage can be detrimental to your home’s structural integrity. Because of this, it’s important to repair leaking windows as soon as possible.

Leaking Windows Seattle, WA Finding the Source of the Leak

Leaking windows can be the result of a number of different issues. When you notice a leak, locating its source is the first step you’ll want to take. Some leaks can be easily fixed, while others require more extensive repairs. Some of the most common causes of window leaks include:

  • Cracked or damaged sealant
  • Cracks and gaps in the surrounding walls or ceilings
  • Lack of overhangs and drainage
  • Poorly installed or missing flashing
  • Clogged weep holes (small drainage vents in the frame)

If you’re having trouble locating the source of the leak, you may want to contact a window contractor for assistance.

Repairing Leaking Windows

Water damage to your walls and floors, mold and mildew growth and structural damage are just a few of the problems leaking windows can cause. When ignored, these issues are likely to worsen. Eventually, they could require expensive repairs well beyond the cost of fixing the leak in the first place.

Harley Exteriors, a local window contractor, is here to help Seattle, WA, homeowners who are dealing with leaking windows. We would be happy to take a look at your window and, if a replacement is in order, we’ll provide a free estimate. Contact us today to learn more.

Can Changing Temperatures Cause Damage to Your House Windows?

As the seasons change, it’s important to be aware of the damage that fluctuating temperatures can cause to your house windows. When the weather is unsteady in Seattle, Washington, with warmer temperatures during the day and sudden drops in the morning and at night, your windows are put under pressure that can lead to warped frames, cracked glass and other problems.

House Windows Seattle, WA Warped Window Frames

The frames of your house windows are sensitive to temperature changes. Heat causes window frames to expand and cold can cause them to contract. When temperatures change drastically over a short period of time, your window frames can begin to shift. This movement bends and warps the frames which can lead to a number of issues, including:

  • Seal failure, which allows drafts and cold, outside air to enter your home
  • Moisture intrusion, which can cause water damage and foggy glass
  • Structural damage, as the warped frames can begin to pull away from the wall

Stress Cracks

Your window panes can also be affected by temperature fluctuation. When it starts to get colder and you crank up the heat, your house windows can be affected by the sudden change. The same thing is true when the outside temperature drops unexpectedly low while your windows are warm. The pressure can cause small cracks to form along a window’s edges, eventually spreading across the entire window.

Is There a Solution?

All house windows will be affected in some way by drastic temperature changes. However, you can reduce the risk of damage by investing in top-quality windows that are designed to prevent these problems. Harley Exteriors installs house windows that are specially designed to stand strong against the extreme weather we see in Seattle, WA. To learn more, contact us today. We would be happy to provide a free consultation and estimate for your window replacement.

An Exterior Door Replacement Can Add Value to Your Seattle, WA, Home

Your doors are an important aspect of your home’s exterior, as they fortify its entrances and create a welcoming first impression on visitors. However, when your front and patio doors begin to age, they can weaken and lose their aesthetic appeal. If that’s the case at your Seattle, Washington, home, it may be time for a door replacement.

How Does a New Door Add Value?

There are two major reasons why a door replacement can add value to your home – increased energy efficiency and better curb appeal.

Increased Energy EfficiencyDoor Replacement Seattle, WA

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for homeowners, as it impacts power costs. Heating and cooling a home uses energy, and therefore costs money. However, in homes with poor energy efficiency, heat and air transfer can occur, especially around windows and doors. This makes it more difficult for your home to maintain a comfortable temperate, thus driving up energy bills.

By investing in an energy-efficient door replacement, you can make it easier for your HVAC system to heat and cool your home. In turn, your monthly energy bills are likely to decrease. This is both good for you, and good for future buyers, should you ever decide to sell your home.

Better Curb Appeal

When it comes to home ownership, many buyers are aesthetically driven. While functional features are of course a major consideration, the way your home looks also influences buyers. The exterior appearance of your home is the first impression a potential buyer gets. Because of this, having new, well-crafted doors installed that complement your home’s architecture can have an impact on the overall value of the home.

Want a Free Estimate on a Door Replacement?

If you’re interested in increasing the value of your Seattle, WA, home with a door replacement, contact Harley Exteriors to request a free quote.

Have Energy Efficient Windows Installed Before Winter Begins

Cold Seattle winters and old drafty windows don’t mix. That’s why it’s important to have energy efficient windows installed over the summer, before the cold begins. Harley Exteriors installs highly efficient replacement windows on homes throughout Western Washington. Our windows are designed with Washington weather in mind and are built right here in the state. They will add insulation to your home and protect it against heat and air transfer so that you can stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Energy Efficient Windows Seattle, WA Why Choose Energy Efficient Windows?

Having energy efficient windows installed is one of the best ways to prepare your home for a long winter. That’s because they will:

  • Prevent warm air from escaping your home
  • Prevent cold outside air from seeping into your home
  • Lessen your HVACs workload, potentially saving you money on your energy bills

What Makes Our Windows Energy Efficient?

The windows we install come standard with a number of energy-saving features. For example, they have a warm-edge spacer that contains zero metal. This is important because metal conducts heat. Metal spacers allow for the heated air inside your home to be transferred out by way of your windows, while non-metal spacers prevent this from happening. We also custom-make our windows to fit your window openings exactly. This way, there is a tight seal around the entire window and cold air is unable to penetrate your home from the outside.

Keep your home warm this winter without heating the entire neighborhood by having energy efficient windows installed by Harley Exteriors. Contact us to get a free estimate on your new windows. We are proud to serve homeowners in in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding communities.

Replacement Windows that Not Only Help Your Home Stay Cool, but Also Keep Humidity Out

Replacement Windows Seattle, WA Are your energy bills skyrocketing? Do you find it impossible to keep your home cool during the hot summer months? If so, your windows are likely to blame. Outdated windows are susceptible to heat and air transfer, allowing hot outside air and humidity to seep into your Seattle, Washington, home and make it warm and uncomfortable during the heat of the summer.

Having energy-efficient replacement windows installed can eliminate this problem for good, not only by helping your home remain cool, but also by stopping humidity from finding its way inside.

There are a few factors you’ll want to look for when researching the best energy-efficient replacement windows, including:

  • An ENERGY STAR® rating, which certifies that the windows meet strict, government-set standards for efficiency
  • Low-conductive frames, like vinyl, that prevent heat from transferring into your home by way of your windows
  • Custom-manufacturing, which ensures your replacement windows are an exact fit to your home’s window openings, eliminating air and humidity transfer

The replacement windows Harley Exteriors installs meet all of these qualifications. Our windows are highly efficient and will make it easier for your HVAC unit to cool your home during the hottest summer months. Since less energy will be needed for cooling, you may even see a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Get a Free Estimate on Replacement Windows

If you’d like to learn more about the energy-efficient features our replacement windows are equipped with and how they will help keep your Seattle, WA, home cool and humidity-free all summer, contact us today. We’d be happy to offer you a free consultation with our window experts. Click here or give us a call to schedule yours.

Summer is the Best Time for a Roof Replacement Before the Heavy Rain Begins

If you live in Western Washington, you know that almost as soon as summer ends, rainy season begins. Rain is a major obstacle during a roof replacement, so it’s best to get the job done when the chance of a storm is minimal.

Why Replace a Roof During Dry Summer Months?

If your current roof is prone to leaks, it’s best to replace it before an onslaught of rain begins. However, this is not the only reason to reroof in the summer. Other concerns include:

Water DamageRoof Replacement Seattle, WA

Once your old shingles have been torn away, your roof deck – the structure shingles are attached to – is exposed to the elements. If it rains before your new shingles can be installed, the decking can swell from the moisture and compromise the structure of your roof. Additionally, new shingles cannot be installed over a wet deck as they will not adhere properly.

Rot and Mold

Attempting to install new shingles over a wet roof deck can lock in moisture. Once water has seeped into your roofs underlying structure, the wood can begin to rot or grow mildew and mold. This not only jeopardizes your home’s structure, but can also be a major health hazard.


Working in the rain is a safety concern for roofing contractors, as they are more likely to fall on a wet, slippery roof.

If you are ready for a roof replacement, don’t wait. Contact Harley Exteriors to get the job started before the rainy season begins. For a free estimate, give us a call or click here to schedule a consultation. We are proud to have served homeowners in Seattle and nearby Washington communities for more than 15 years.


Win a $10,000 Window Replacement from Harley Exteriors

If you’ve been dreaming about new windows, then get excited because Harley Exteriors is gearing up to give away another $10,000 window makeover! You don’t want to miss out on this chance to upgrade your home for free, so enter today.

How to Enter

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Windows SweepstakesWhat Does the Grand Prize Include?

The winner will receive a window replacement valued at $10,000. They’ll be able to choose from any of the styles we have available, such as:

  • Picture
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  • Garden
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Once a winner has been chosen, one of our expert consultants will head to their home and they’ll be treated to the full Harley experience. This includes an inspection of their current windows, a consultation to determine the best replacement option, assistance with style and color decisions and a professional installation.

Enter Now For a Chance to Win!

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Time for new windows?

Vinyl Windows from Harley Exteriors are the Best Choice for Your Duvall, WA, Home’s Window Replacement
If you live in Washington State, you know all about the crazy weather we can experience here. With heavy rainfall, freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, you need durable windows that can stand up to Mother Nature. That’s why homeowners in Duvall, Washington and the surrounding areas choose vinyl window from Harley Exteriors. We are proud to install windows that are manufactured right here in Washington State and are specifically designed to handle the Pacific Northwest’s weather conditions.
Why should I choose vinyl windows over another material?

Vinyl windows are a reliable option that will bring value to your home for years to come. Other window options, such as wood and aluminum, often create problems over time. For example, wood can rot, warp, and even harbor insects, while aluminum conducts cold and can negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. Whereas the vinyl windows we install are:

• Long-lasting – These windows will never deteriorate thanks to their strong frames, which contain 19 internal chambers for maximum durability.

• Low-maintenance – Vinyl will never crack, chip, or peel, so you won’t need to worry about scraping or repainting your window frames ever again.

• Energy efficient – The replacement windows we install meet ENERGY STAR® certifications and will help your home maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

And, your new windows will be backed by a double lifetime warranty, so you can be extremely confident in the lasting value of your investment.
Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in learning more about the vinyl windows we install, or you’d like to get started with your Duvall, WA, home’s replacement window project, contact Harley Exteriors today and ask to schedule your free consultation. We are happy to offer financing options to help make your new windows as affordable as possible.