Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

To repair or to replace – that is often the question when it comes to damaged roofing. And the answer is: it depends. Minor roof damage can typically be repaired, but sometimes it makes more sense to replace a damaged roof than it does to fix it. When determining what level of attention your damaged roof needs, consider the following:


Your roof’s age is far and away the best indicator of whether a repair or replacement is the better choice. Replacing an entire roof is expensive, and usually a last resort. If your roof has decades left in its lifespan but has sustained some damage, it’s probably best to have it repaired. However, if your damaged roof is old and will need to be replaced soon anyway, it doesn’t make sense to invest in extensive repair work.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?Extent of Damage

This can be tricky to determine, but the decision to repair or replace a roof usually depends on how bad the damage is. If a major environmental catastrophe caused extensive storm damage, a replacement is probably the best option, as there is likely to be extreme underlying damage following this type of event. However, if just a few shingles have been pulled away during an unusually windy period, the roof can probably be fixed – so long as the repairs are completed before moisture has had time to sneak into the gaps. A good rule of thumb is, if more than 30% of the roof is damaged, a replacement is likely the best choice.

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Of course, every roof is different, and surface damage isn’t always indicative of what lies beneath. The best way to decide between repairing and replacing a roof is to get an expert opinion. Harley Exteriors, a locally owned roofing company, would be happy to inspect your damaged roof and advise you on the best next steps to take. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your home in the Spanaway, WA, area.