Are House Windows Worth Replacing?

Having new windows installed in your Sumner, Washington, home is a substantial investment. Because of this, you’ve likely found yourself wondering whether a window replacement is really worth it. The short answer is yes. In addition to being a cosmetic enhancement, new windows will:

Replacing Your Sumner, WA, Home’s Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the number one reason why homeowners replace their windows.

This is because inefficient windows allow cold drafts to blow through a house in the winter and invite hot humid air in during the summer. Not only does this make your home extremely uncomfortable to live in, but it also drives up energy costs as your HVAC system battles against Mother Nature – and loses.

Having energy-efficient replacement windows installed will eliminate this problem, thus allowing for a consistently comfortable interior temperature year-round with less effort required from your HVAC unit. As a result, you may see a decrease in your energy costs and your windows could eventually begin to pay for themselves.

Function Flawlessly

As house windows age, they begin to lose their ability to function properly. They stick. They rattle. The locks don’t work right. They don’t open. When you do finally get them open, they won’t close. The list goes on.

New windows, on the other hand, operate with ease, allowing you to glide your windows open and closed without concern. Plus, thanks to advancements in technology, newer windows are equipped with stronger locks and better security features than their older counterparts.

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Having new windows installed is definitely a sound investment, though there are a few factors to consider before tackling the project. If you’d like some expert guidance as you consider a window replacement for your Sumner-area home, contact Harley Exteriors. Our family-owned and -operated company has completed more than 11,000 exterior remodeling projects throughout Western Washington and we’d be happy to offer you a free consultation.